New Isn’t Always Comfortable

“(What I have done in the past) is nothing compared to what I’m going to do! I’m going to do a brand new thing.”
Isaiah 43:18-19
(Life Application Bible)

As we contemplate the freshness of a new year, we’re tempted to quickly rejoice over God’s words to Israel. Who would not want to be part of God’s “brand new thing”? We get excited as we pray for and anticipate a new work of God in our lives and in the world.

Anyone who has ever worn beautiful new shoes, however, may wish to think carefully about the possible consequences of new things. The shoes looked so good when we tried them on, and we even made sure they were the right size, but walking all day in that new purchase frequently gives us second thoughts. And all of us who start a new diet know that discouragement frequently settles in around the third day!

It is right and good to ask for God’s new things, but are we ready for the sacrifices that may accompany the blessing? Does commitment accompany the request? The new thing that God began in the life of the Apostle Paul on the Damascus road would take him into hostile cities, over stormy seas and through many prison cells. He learned to say “press on” long after the newness had worn off.

Father, my heart is stirred when I think of all the new things you want to do in and through me, but help me understand that following you is a lifetime decision. Thank you for staying with me even when the days are long and the newness has worn off. In Jesus name, Amen.

by Marilyn Ehle
Used by Permission

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