Within Reach

“Why, O Lord, do you stand far away? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?” Psalm 10:1

On a whim, I stopped at a fast food restaurant to get a cold drink while dashing about with my to-do list of errands. There was a line of cars at the drive-through, so I decided to go inside instead.

I saw a dear friend of mine bent over her computer, holding her right hand to her mouth, worry lines exaggerated on her forehead. I waved to get her attention but she was too busy concentrating on what was on the screen. Then I saw a tear run down her cheek, so I slid into the booth and placed my hand over hers as it crunched a to-go napkin. She jolted. Then relief filled her face. “How did God know I’d need a good friend right now?” she whispered. On the screen was an email from her son with disturbing news. We bowed our heads and prayed.

David asked why God seemed so far away in times of trouble. I think if we are honest, that same question has crossed our minds as well. God is always present. Sometimes we just need to look up from our troubles to see Him. Maybe in a rainbow, a song on the radio, or maybe a friend who comes alongside at just the right time.

Or, perhaps He will provide the opportunity for us to be there for someone else so that, as we give, we will be ministered to as well. As I held hands and prayed with my friend, I felt God’s loving touch.

Jesus, You knew suffering when You walked on our soil, and in Heaven You continue to pray for us here in earth who continue to suffer. Fill each of us with the assurance that You are there, You care, and You will provide support, comfort and love. And Lord, spur in us the desire to be there for someone else when You provide that opportunity. Amen.

Thought: Is God calling you to be a comfort to someone? Don’t shoo the thought away when their name enters your head. Pray for them. Then call them, text them or go hug them. And if you need comfort right now, be open to the ways God will let you know He’s there.

By Julie Cosgrove
Used by Permission

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