A Divided House

She wept as she told me of the difficulties in their marriage.

They were pulling in different directions and it was destroying them. We talked long into the night.

Jesus talked about this very thing. He said…

Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. Matthew 12:25

This is a serious thought. Stop for a moment and consider if you are a part of any division that is pulling your home, your church, your relationships or even your workplace apart.

If something comes to mind as you read this, ask God to show you new ways in which you can be oil, rather than sandpaper, in that particular situation.

God calls us as believers to respond differently than the world around us. Sometimes we don’t want to be the first one to make the move toward unity. Sometimes our pride gets in the way. Pulling in different directions while in the same home, church or workplace is a sure recipe for ruin.

Today ask the Lord to help you in the situations that threaten to divide and destroy in your circle. Invite Him in to give you wisdom and humility. Lead by example and work toward unity. Ask Him to help you influence divisive situations around you in a way that will build up and not tear down. Ask Him for creative solutions to issues that are unresolved. His desire for you is wholeness and unity and His Holy Spirit can guide you to that. Trust Him today with the divisions in your life. Don’t be a contributor to “a kingdom divided against itself”.

Prayer & reflection:

Father God, Thank you that You have warned us about division. Thank you that today You are reminding me that my house won’t stand if we are divided against one another. Please help me to be part of the solutions and not just part of the problems. Give me Your wisdom and humility and resourcefulness to help us pull in the same direction. Let me model Your way to the world around me. I trust You today to help me work toward unity where I walk. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

by Gail Rodgers
Used by Permission

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