Look of Compassion

Dear one, we need to look upon non-Christians with compassion.

We should offer the truth of God’s love gently and respectfully.

As Marla researched her book, she met many women practicing paganism.

Kimberly was one of them.

When she was 17, her mother passed away.

Eastern religion was taught in her home, yet the Bible was unknown.

She tried witchcraft, but it wasn’t able to answer her questions.

Then one woman graciously kept inviting Kimberly to church.

There, Kimberly attempted to attack the Bible.

But she was compelled by the love of God she saw lived out in that church.

Eventually she prayed to receive Christ.

Today Kimberly is an editor with a large Christian publisher.

Remember, friend, we’re called to reflect God’s look of love.

by Vonette Bright
Used by Permission

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