He Wept

“Jesus Wept’ John 11:35

There are numerous things that have moved me to tears. Most recently, it was my cancer diagnosis on March 9th. However slight or significant a situation may be, something can waken me to sob. While the length of my lamentation is irrelevant, the humanity of those moments aren’t.

That’s why today’s verse, albeit brief, captured my attention in a way never before done. As many times as I have read the account of Lazarus and his restoration, I couldn’t ignore the awesome reality of Jesus’s reaction to the one he loved (John 11:36).

Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, showed himself as Jesus the man, stirred to weeping. The Divine became starkly relatable. Not just in the story, but also in me. This all too impactful narrative washed over me with a fresh sobriety.

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, became more tangible in my faith walk through revisiting Lazarus’ story and, especially, hearing my cancer diagnosis. His powerful presence inside the confines of the doctor’s office embraced my collapsing composure. My Savior wasn’t repulsed by my ‘ugly’ cry as the news sunk in. Instead, he held me in his arms and cried similar tears.

As followers of Christ, we need not be reserved when life blindsides us. Just as we cling to Jesus for strength and courage, we can also find solace and safety within his protective walls to be unapologetically grief-stricken. Christ will never shame us for shedding tears. Instead, he will share in them. May we never be afraid to show our humanity to Jesus or others.

Precious Jesus, thank you for always being there for me whenever my world falls apart. That I never have to be reserved in my reaction to heart breaking news and can cry as much as needed, for as long as needed. I know you share those moments with me and soothe my heart when I’m all cried out. You are amazing and I love you. Praise your mighty name. Amen.

By Melissa Talbot
Used by Permission

Please pray for Melissa today as she faces her cancer treatment. Invite the Lord into areas of your life that grieve you or make you sorrowful. Read through Psalm 13 which is a lament psalm to guide you.

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