What’s Under the Snow?

What's Under the Snow? - Devotional

Come now, let’s settle this,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet,? I will make them as white as snow…”  Isaiah 1:18

The parking area for the condominium in which we live has space for owners’ cars. Some are covered spaces, some open to the elements, some designated for people who have special needs. Close to each building are two spaces with signs carrying this message: “In event of snow, this space is ONLY for snow removal purposes.” When storms arrive in this part of the western United States, huge vehicles are hired to scrape the fast falling snow into these two spaces so other areas are safe for driving or walking.

This is a great plan and one which we residents appreciate. However, even though we have snow here, we also have bright sunshine which rather quickly melts the snow between storms. Soon we see grass on the lawns and increasingly dry sidewalks and roads. But not in those “snow designated” spaces. There the pile of white slowly turns an ugly gray as it diminishes in the warming sun. And in the melting pile can eventually be seen a lost glove, tossed newspaper or other refuse. What looked like a sparkling small white mountain is revealed to be a place unsightly and to be avoided.

Often in our lives it is the warming sun of God’s love that begins to reveal what we have tried to keep hidden. When we learn to bask in His forgiveness and grace on a daily basis, we find it less of a problem to be consistently open with Him, quickly confessing our sin because we know that nothing can separate us from His love.

Father, thank you for the warmth of your love that can melt my stubborn resistance and draw me close to you.

By Marilyn Ehle

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