Seek Not Man’s Approval

Seek Not Man’s Approval

Compared to eternity
our lives are like vapour
naked we come into this world
Naked we will go.
Forget taking your Rolex watch
when it’s time for you to go.

Many foolish and harmful desires
have plunged
many into ruins and destruction.

Let not the cares and worries
and man’s approval,
concerns for things of the world
bring choking bondage hard to let go;
but only can disappoint
Seek not man’s approval or glory.
What glory can come from man?
or even from relatives and friends
because they are only fleeting
and temporary
hollow and empty
that can vanish…
if you want to avoid painful disappointments,
it’s up to you.
A strong tendency to esteem highly
those most popular,
being so consumed by all
that is passing away
than seeking that which last and endure.
Like an oak tree,
don’t over extend your branches
or during a storm, find yourself
toppling over.
Why not seek after the real glory
the true, eternal, pure glory from above
that’s from everlasting to everlasting
like the angels glory you see
but even more glorious
where your treasure is, there your heart is
What is great gain?
Godliness with contentment
Develop a secret relationship
with your Creator
Making you positive in your thinking
Put yourself in a place
where you can touch eternity
If you have faith
as small as a mustard seed
you can move mountains.
This smallest seed when in God’s hand
has such power
even to bind the strongest demon
Knowledge and good behavior
are not good enough
If you lean on your own understanding
You will go astray
It’s God’s truth in your heart!
the love of truth
will keep you strong.

By Joshua Lim
Used by Permission

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