Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comfortedMatthew 5:4

I’m all alone in this world. I don’t know what I am doing. I always make bad decisions. .People say I’m ugly. My face is long and my nose is big. So is my butt. I never finish school.. I can’t afford cute clothes. . I had an abortion. I don’t deserve to live. My kids deserve better. Nobody loves me. My parents kicked me out. My dad is on drugs. My mom is a drug addict. I’m an alcoholic. I used to sell my body. Some people call me a slut.

I have a lot of tattoos. I am a single parent. All my friends are fakes. If I really listened to everything people told me I’d already be dead. But I chose a new life. I decided to take my old life and kill it. I choose to be an optimist and know that God has a plan for me. Most people are selfish and self-absorbed, so why should their opinion matter. I choose to surround myself with people who like me for me. Even if it is only one or two people. one true friend is worth more than many who surround themselves around my beauty, my talent, my self-worth just to be in my entourage. I’m glad God showed me the way. I’m thankful for second chances. I choose to accept myself and to give second chances to the people around me. I will accept the positive and shield the negative. For I know I have a purpose and my talents will not be wasted. Amen, never give up on yourself or your dreams, things change, people change physically and emotionally. Money does not rule the world.

Life would be meaningless without God in our lives,
because He is our strength and our hope.
Sometimes we don’t know why we are even alive,
but know this. Your every breath on this earth serves a purpose.
It’s not by mistake you find yourself here on this planet.
It’s not by chance that Jesus was born over 20oo years ago.
The Creator loves His creations.
All He wants is you.
It pleases Him when all of His children come back to Him.
Let the joy of the Lord fills you,
so that you can be a blessing to others.
Things may not make sense now
now you don’t understand how things in life work,
but God knows everything, what’s best.
Just trust in Him.
God’s plans are unlike man’s plans.
We don’t think like God thinks
and His ways are far better than our ways.
We tend to go astray and turn to the world for help,
when God is there all the time
with His hands wide open to help you.
Go back to the place
where you are loved most…His embrace.
Just tell Him how much you need Him
and He’ll accept you and fill you with His love.

It is difficult to believe in things that seem so unreal and impossible. But that is what faith is, believing in the presence of doubt. So, take this step of faith, tell God that you are hopeless and helpless without Him, tell God how afraid you are, how angry and frustrated you are with life, how worried you are about the future, practically just how tired you are with life. Just close your eyes and start pouring out to God until you feel the weight on your shoulder is lighter. Let the tears, all the hurts and pain pour out from your heart. It is between you and God, no one else. There’s no pretense, no hiding, no holding back. Be transparent in front of Jesus, lay all your junk and burden at His feet, for it is not for us to carry all these burden in life. It had never meant to be ours to bear.

Imagine it empty, where Jesus was once hung. Just think about His sacrifice and love for you. All Jesus ever cared about was you. Nothing else mattered to Him but you. He loves you so much that His heart aches whenever He sees yours ache.

Jesus loves us dearly. We are the world to Him.

Don’t you think He would have a great future for us? Don’t you think He would provide us with our every need?

All our bondage have been broken when Jesus took our place at the cross. It is us today who bound ourselves to chains when the key to these chains were all this while in our hands. Let’s make Jesus’ death worthwhile. Go back to basics, go back to your first love, go back to the roots to why you call yourself a Christian today. Going back to basics is always the best move to make when you are lost. Go back to your Abba Father.

By Joshua Lim
Used by Permission

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