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Masks - Living unmasked

Our self-effort is nothing compared with the glory of God at work in us.

Regardless of our background, skills, sharp wit and dedicated heart for success, the real truth about our Christian lives is that God is at work in us and He can do so much more through us than you or I could ever do without Him. We do not have to psych ourselves up to accomplish something for God. In fact we know that even in our feeblest weakness God is able to work through us – and that is what we count on.

Yes, the world is waiting to see the truth and all we have to do is be available, and yet something stands in the way of this happening. It is us. We are in the way. We hide the truth behind the masks we wear because we are not willing to be seen as the sinners we really are.

The glory of Christ can only truly be seen in contrast to our own despicable sinfulness. As we begin to lose a heartfelt awareness of our own wretchedness as Christians, we begin to lose the full significance of Christ’s work on the cross for everyone. His glory is seen only against the horribleness of our sin. Yet we create masks to hide our sins. Our masks return us to bondage and keep us from the freedom found in His Spirit’s liberty.

Masked with near perfection, sin hides itself beneath the surface of good churches, good confessions, good works, and good intentions. Everyone really knows that something is wrong, but because of all the good rituals, works and confessions, sin is not seen for its exceeding sinfulness (Romans 7:13). When our sin is not seen as exceeding sinfulness, our light is no longer His, but darkness masquerading behind all the ‘right‘ things we do, making our darkness even darker.

We are all called to be ministers of the new covenant. God is making us able. We understand that God breathes into our lives and through us to all those around us – our families, our neighbors, our workplace, our community, our world. If we are willing to live unmasked, life will never be the same again.

by John Fischer
Used by Permission

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