Mine, Mine

free online devotionalTo this John replied, “A person can receive only what is given them from heaven.John 3:27

A three year-old child grabbed the toy and screamed, “Mine!

Her Sunday school teacher gave her a stern look. “Sarah, did you bring that from home or does it belong to the church?” “It belongs here. But it’s still mine.” Tearfully, she pouted and turned away, the toy tight against her torso.

As I observed this scene, I asked myself if I slip into the same attitude when it comes to what God have given me. Whether it is a small denomination bill from my purse handed to the beggar on the street, or the check I place in the offering plate, the meal I share with friends from my cupboard, or my talent in writing or speaking…it has been gifted to me by my gracious Lord, the creator of all.

I may think I have “earned my pay,” but God gives me each sunrise-day to go to work and the physical and mental ability to do my job. He forgives my sins, having paid for them on the cross. He lovingly blesses me with more than I deserve. Am I willing to freely share my time and treasures, or do I cling to them and claim it is all mine?

Dearest Lord, may we always remember that all is Yours to give or take away. Thank You that You provide so much for us. Keep us from being greedy like a three year old clutching Your blessings to our chests and crying, “Mine.” Help us to peel our fingers away and offer it back to You to use to Your glory, be it our money, our time, or our talents. Amen.

Thought: Is there something you are clinging to, claiming it is rightfully yours? Will you give it to God and trust Him to tell you what to do with it?

By Julie Cosgrove

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