Is it Your Planting Season?

devotional on planting

Sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing.” Proverbs 20:4

Recently this verse popped out to me as I read my Bible. I stopped and pondered it. “Am I a sluggard?” I asked. I am certainly not a lazy person. So I googled the definition. “Slow”, it said. Hmmm. I can procrastinate more than I care to admit.

Here God was saying that if one is slow to plant in planting season, the harvest will simply not be there. God’s Spirit was speaking to my spirit. I have some opportunities before me in my writing that I am simply dragging my feet on. Yes, I’m busy. But when gardening season arrives I leave the other work in order to plant before it is too late and I miss the rains and the harvest.

I need to do that now with my opportunities.

What opportunity, relationship, project, ministry or other “seeds” has God put in your pocket waiting to be planted? Get busy. Re-organize your priorities. The planting season is short. Harvest time will come and you don’t want empty hands and missed opportunities. Wrap your fingers around those God given seeds, till up the ground and get to work with the harvest in mind.

Father God, Thank you that You speak to me when I pause to listen. Please help me to recognize the seeds You have given me. Please help me to plan my days with “garden time” in mind. Water these seeds with Your wisdom and inspiration and with Your blessing. May I not be empty handed in harvest time. Thank you Lord, for Your encouragement. I pray this in Jesus’ strong name, amen.

Take Action: What seeds has God given you? How will you invest them?

By Gail Rodgers

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