Who is a God Like You?

Who is a God like you, who pardons…. and forgives…and delights to show mercy.Micah 7:18 & 19

Micah was a prophet who spoke with tenderness in sounding the alarm that God hates rebellion and empty ritualism, yet He delights in pardoning those whose hearts are bent toward Him.

The Old Testament reveals to us the love and character of God. The message is the same today. It’s easy to let our hearts steep in rebellion to God. Think for a moment if there is anything that comes to mind that would show you harbouring rebellion toward God. Refusal to forgive someone perhaps?  Nursing a critical attitude or a negative spirit? Choosing to grumble? Forgetting to be thankful? Rebellion is subtle and it gets in our way of communication and relationship with God who loves us and wants to guide us.

How about empty ritualism? God didn’t call us to “go to church” and walk through the motions of worship. He called us to “be the church” and take His love to our world in a practical way.

The book of Micah predicted the coming of Jesus to Bethlehem years before the actual event.

As believers we know Jesus will come again. The book of Micah calls us to be on guard and keep bent toward God in a posture of willingness to let Him deliver us from the rebellion of our hearts. As we await Jesus’ return, let’s see Him coming today in the face of the person we meet who needs our word of encouragement or hand of help. Let’s show others our God who delights to show mercy.

Father God, Keep my heart from rebellion and my life from empty and meaningless rituals. May my heart be bent to You today so that others will see You who delights to show them Your mercy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

By Gail Rodgers
Used by Permission

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