What You Do

What will your hands be busy with today?

Do you feel grateful for the tasks at hand? Is there joy in doing what’s on your list today?

Many of us just hurry from one thing to the next. Delays frustrate us and people who aren’t directly related to our tasks can annoy us with their interruptions.

Pause in your thoughts for this one moment.

Thank God for the work ahead of you today in spite of what you would rather be doing.

You will be amazed at the change in your outlook as you focus on being thankful.

You are where you are today… that’s a reality. You can make choices to change that reality. The first choice is to choose a grateful attitude. It will widen the road you are on and bring a perspective that will lighten your step.

The prayer of the Psalmist is a good prayer to echo today,

“Establish the work of my hands, O Lord, establish the work of my hands.” (Psalm 90:17)

Heavenly Father, Right now I want to offer the work of my hands to You today. Help me to have a grateful attitude as I do what is in front of me today. May I give these tasks to You as my offering. I do them in Your name. Amen.

Inspired by “The Rest of God” Chapter 1 by Mark Buchanan

What will your hands be busy with today?

By Gail Rodgers
Used by Permission

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