Spiritual Cleaning

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” Matthew 6:33

I started spring cleaning late again. Our family possessions grew and occupied more and more valuable space. Boxes and bags, filled with items for donation, dotted the upstairs bedrooms. And in just about every cabinet I opened, I found stacks of books and magazines I never planned to read.

The clutter clued me in that I had grown too attached to the things of the world. All the extra stuff lying around the house not only occupied physical space, but the possessions also intruded my spiritual place of tranquility and order where I spend time in prayer.

In Matthew 6, Jesus cautions against an excessive attachment to things of the world. He instructs his followers to seek first the Kingdom of God, trusting in him to supply all our needs. God feeds the birds, brings forth a harvest, and takes care of every aspect of his created world, especially in the care of his human creatures.

Jesus wants us to put the things of the Spirit first and release our hold on things that have no lasting value. Are we putting too much of our time, treasure, and energy into the things that clutter up our spiritual lives and have no value in the end?

To help restore the order and peace we disregarded, let us get rid of the boxes and bags cluttering up our rooms, closets, and hearts. Provide space for God to bring in his spiritual things — the things that give us real meaning and order in our lives.

Lord, give me the grace to seek your Kingdom first, trusting you completely so that I no longer cling to possessions. I want to experience the peace you promised, which comes from loving the spiritual things you offer me. Amen.

Take a survey of what is cluttering your heart. Ask the Lord to strengthen you so that you can let go of these hindrances to seeking his Kingdom.

By Doug Lim
Used by Permission

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