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In recent decades the phrase “easy believism” has surfaced. Unfortunately, it describes a large number of contemporary Christians who have received Christ as Savior but do not, in practice regard Him as Lord. They seem to have received Him in order to reach heaven someday or to get help for their problems, but they have never fully committed to trust ,obey, honor and serve Him as a way of life.

Our Lord never intended that we be His casual acquaintances. He wants us to be His disciples, fully dedicated to following and lifting up His Holy name to the world . . . Our Lord is repulsed be mediocre commitment.

. . . . When we acknowledge Christ as our Lord, we affirm what He is our Master for life and we are dedicated to serving and glorifying Him. In all things, large and small, our deepest desire is to do what our Lord would want us to do. We ask for His guidance—not for our gain, but for His glory. We discipline ourselves in studying and obeying His written Word, We proclaim His love to the world around us. We try to think, speak and act in a way that will attract others to Him.

The misguided person who thinks all this is too difficult to irrelevant misses the point. The Christian life is far more than a fire escape from hell; it is the life of submission and obedience which result in joy and victory.

Think about it. Who are you?

Father, give us the power and courage to day by day to be totally committed to love honor and serve You! Amen

By Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission

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