Trust Me

Do you still really trust God?

What should I do, do I make the change,” I asked?
as to and fro I paced.

Do you still trust Me?” the Lord asked, in response
to a quandary I faced.

Oh my light, my strength, my helper! “Oh Yes,
I responded without haste.

No words were spoken yet at that moment of ‘yes,’
all my doubts erased.

I trusted… I wasn’t afraid… in His comforting presence
I was embraced.

Go to His loving arms in times of need. Do it now.
There’s no time to waste.

Got a dilemma, struggling with a quandary,
trust God and be graced.

My prayer for us

Creator God, it is with anticipation and joy that we come to you with praise, thanking you for our strength and salvation. Do we still trust you? Unequivocally yes! We bless your holy name. Amen.

By Alec Niemi
Used by Permission

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