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A Mother’s Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, to you I pray…

On this day called, “Mother’s Day.”

Let all mother’s on earth give praise,
To you…for the children that you gave.

For you have blessed them from above,
with little souls to nourish and love.
Let them mould each one with care…
And teach them to be kind and share.

Forgiveness is the special key…
Start early on, to help them see.
Their fragile minds are easily impressed.
Please teach them ways, so they’ll be blessed.

Sow godly seeds into their minds.
With careful pruning, you will find…
Young adults with such strong roots,
all through life, will bear rich fruit.

And then have faith for God to show…
Them all the rest they have to know.
Remember they’re His children too.
For they were only lent to you.

Author Unknown

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Thoughts by All Thoughts by Women


The love of a mother for her child . . . is there a love any deeper?

The love of God for His children . . . is there a love any bolder?

Woven through scripture, like the ribbons on a newborn’s quilt, are gentle

reminders that God’s love is like that of a mother: deep, unrelenting, bold.

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you . . .” (Isaiah 66:13).

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands . .”
(Isaiah 49:15-16).

“But we were very gentle with you, like a mother caring for her little children . . .”
(1 Thessalonians. 2:7)


By Max Lucado
Used by permission

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