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Your Father has no intention of letting you fall.

You can’t see him, but he is present. He is

able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glory without fault and with unspeakable joy” (Jude 24).

Drink deeply from this truth. Does God want you living in fear? No! Just the opposite.

The Spirit we received,” according to Romans 8:15-16does not make us slaves again to fear; it makes us children of God. With that Spirit we cry out, ‘Father.’ And the Spirit himself joins with our spirits to say we are God’s children.”

What an intriguing statement.

Deep within you God’s Spirit confirms with your spirit that you belong to him. 

Beneath the vitals of the heart, God’s Spirit whispers,

You’re mine. I bought you, and I sealed you, and no one can take you.”

Isn’t that great news!

By Max Lucado
Used by permission
From Begin Again

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I was driving home from town; the roads were slippery; it was dusk. 

In the ditch ahead I noticed a large dark mound. I peered into the semi darkness to see a huge moose that had met its fate along the highway. I wondered about the driver who had hit it.

In those few seconds as I looked and wondered I suddenly found I was turning toward the ditch myself. I quickly corrected and, feeling the ice under my tires knew I had better keep my eyes focused on the road.

I realized again just how quickly an accident can happen when my eyes are taken off the road to adjust the radio, rummage for my cell phone or look at what is passing by.

It reminded me of the saying, “Where you focus, you follow”. Or “Where you look, you go”. What is capturing your attention these days and occupying your thoughts and line of vision? Make sure it’s where you want to end up. Make sure it’s how you want to spend the currency in your “time bank”.

Can you identify the primary focus of your thoughts these days?

Is it concern and worry for a family member?
Is it your work and a project you are on?
Is it someone you are falling in love with?
Is it someone who has hurt you?
Is it your finances? Or fear of the future.
Are you focused on your health?

When we put Jesus in the center of the main thing that occupies our minds we gain a strength and find a footing that holds us steady and secure no matter what uncertainty faces us.

When we leave Him to the side of the picture and focus on the things that  swirl around us we often find our footing unsure and our clarity blurred.

I love the story from the Bible of Peter who was in a boat in the middle of the night tossed about by the wind and waves. He looks out and sees Jesus walking on the very waves that are buffeting his boat.  He is afraid of the storm and of the form on the water. Jesus calls to him, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid. Come to me.”

Peter steps out of the boat and moves toward Jesus, amazingly firm footed on the waves! But as he lifts his eyes from Jesus and looks at the turbulent sea fear overtakes him. He begins to sink. Immediately Jesus reaches out and pulls him up asking,

“Why did you doubt me?” Matthew 14:22-36

Whatever is front and center on the stage of your mind today, invite Jesus into it. Focus your eyes on Him. Take courage. Don’t be afraid. Don’t let doubt tumble you into the waves of stress and worry. Jesus is able to keep you steady and His hand is ready to pull you above the waves even if you falter.

“Where you focus, you follow”.

Focus on Jesus today as the center of your circumstances and watch how He will lift you from the waves and give you courage and strength and wisdom.

Lord God, Many things occupy my thoughts today. I choose to put You in the center of my focus. I take courage in You to help me, strengthen me and give me the wisdom I need today to keep on the road of faith and not end up in the ditch of doubt or swallowed by waves of fear. Thank you for Your power at work in my heart and mind and in my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

by Gail Rodgers
Used by Permission

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