More Than I Know

And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.” Acts 2:2

The bark and rock-covered floor of the lake mesmerized me as I stared from the edge of the dock through ten feet of perfectly calm water. Stillness. I glanced up, my attention caught by an advancing line – the wind rushing across Harrison Lake. Technically, I suppose that’s not true. I observed evidence of the wind – changed water color, white-capped waves and a dividing line between calm and tumultuous.

There had been no clouds rolling in or other observable changes when the wind whipped around the rock point near the cabin sending the undulating dock lilting and smacking against the water. It all happened within seconds. Powerful.

It’s the character of this lake. Each time I return here the surrounding mountains and deep, snow pack-fed water are familiar, and yet, I realize the more I study the lake, the less I truly know it. It’s simply too vast to take in.

And so it is in my relationship with the Lord. He is the mighty rushing wind that takes my breath away with His strength and power to heal and change lives. He is the gentle breeze that nudges me to speak or act, giving counsel and direction. He is the quiet voice whispering love and forever-presence in the still moments of an unhurried life. And He is more.

What aspects of God’s character are most familiar to you? Are you willing to ask Him to reveal more of His nature to you in order to deepen your relationship with Him?

Lord, please draw me into deeper relationship with You and cause my heart to long for greater intimacy and knowledge of your Spirit. Amen.

Take a few minutes to write down all the character traits you know of God. Ask the Lord to reveal more of Himself to you.

by Shelaine Strom
Used by Permission

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