The Soul Killer

by Max Lucado

The payment of sin is death.”  Romans 6:23 (NCV)

Sin does to a life what shears do to a flower.  A cut at the stem separates a flower from the source of life.  Initially the flower is attractive, still colorful and strong. But watch that flower over a period of time, and the leaves will wilt and the petals will drop.  No matter what you do, the flower will never live again.  Surround it with water. Stick the stem in soil. Baptize it with fertilizer. Glue the flower back on the stem. Do what you wish.  The flower is dead….

A dead soul has no life.

Cut off from God, the soul withers and dies.  The consequence of sin is not a bad day or a bad mood but a dead soul.  The sign of a dead soul is clear: poisoned lips and cursing mouths, feet that lead to violence and eyes that don’t see God…

The finished work of sin is to kill the soul…..

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Max Lucado
From: the Grip of Grace
Used by permission

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