There is a Place

There is a Place

There is a place of quiet rest, a place where
you can have peace
where all its beauty is yet to be seen.
A place of refuge for the oppressed, a place
where the Savior makes intercessions for
all of your needs, and God your Father will provide.

A place where you are undisturbed – a place to enjoy
pleasure beyond measure.
A place you seldom want to leave, but He very gently
says “my child you must leave now“, Having the reassurance
that you have the freedom to return as often as you wish.

A hungering and a thirsting is welling up from within that food
and water cannot satisfy.
For it is His presence that satisfies, the hungering thirsty soul.
Yes the Bread of Life satisfies the hungry soul, and with the prompting
of the Holy Spirit you are now praying even more persistently
and consistently.

There is a place when you are battered and torn, when you enter
via the stairway of prayer, there you find healing for each wound
and joy beyond what words can describe.

Oh the richness of His Love and the bliss of His warm embrace.
Everything that hinders is banished in His presence
Purity and truth is revealed in this place, and oh the serenity
of the fountain of living waters flowing, washing you over and over again.
Rejuvenating your body soul and spirit giving to you the radiance of the Lord.

Yes there are many places, but this a specific place it is called
the secret place.
This is the place of intimacy and love beyond measure!!
The place of prayer, make your appointment today and experience
joy and pleasure beyond measure!!!
Meet Him at the place, He is waiting for you!!!!

by Margaret Mullings
Used by Permission

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