Untie It and Bring It Here

The Lenten season has arrived. A time when many Christians observe forty days  (not counting Sundays) of fasting in moderation or self-denial, of repentance, and of spiritual discipline in order to deepen their relationship with the Lord and be spiritually prepared for Easter celebration.

It’s a time for reflection on Christ, His suffering, sacrifice, life, death, burial, and resurrection. It’s a time for deepening one’s walk with the Lord.  A time of cleansing and refreshing. Of soul revival.

For health reasons, I cannot fast from meals, but I can from a particular food, and I have fasted from things.

If we cannot fast from food, what if we dug deep within our souls and found something in there to fast from? Maybe one or more of these things would be hiding there…

Arrogance, pride, worry, doubts, hypocrisy, indifference, anger, hopelessness, fear, perfectionism, judgmental attitude, pity parties, apathy, bitterness, unkindness, ungratefulness, selfishness, desiring more, critical spirit, negative words and thoughts, desiring attention or approval?

Or maybe we would find that lie the enemy keeps slipping under the door of our heart, the one that says we’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or whatever. Maybe we would find something in our schedule that needs to be eliminated…if only for a while. Or maybe we need a vacation from the internet, TV, movies, etc.

Maybe we should fast from one thing each day.

If you are not able to fast food (now there’s a good one to fast from!), make your own list and choose one for each day.

Right now, I’m enjoying reading a new book called 40 Voices: A Lenten Devotional and it’s written by my friend Jean Wise.

In reference to Mark 11:2, where Jesus asks two of His disciples to go to the village and acquire the tied-up donkey for His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jean writes…

Untie it and bring it here” is Jesus’ command. It is a wonderful statement to bring to our Lenten prayers. What, Lord, do you want me to untie and bring to Jesus this season? What do we need to unravel? What are we clinging to Jesus wants us to bring to him? Jesus knows where our knots are located. He sees the sin that tangles our hearts. He understands the hurts to snarl our beliefs.”

It’s not just giving up something;

it’s untying it from our heart, getting rid of the knot, and relinquishing it.

Surrendering  one thing in order to receive something else. Something so much better.

Untie it. Bring it to Me. Asks Jesus. Such a great thought. Deep  thought. Makes me ask myself, What do I have tied-up within me that I need to release?

What, what if we turned away from certain things and truly fell on our faces at the feet of Jesus, seeking His presence?  On. Our. Faces. Suppose we let loose of those ties that bind and prayed for our heart to be cleansed of all the yucky stuff. What would happen to our lives and the lives of others?

We are to let go, to “turn away from everything wrong, whether of body or spirit, and purify ourselves, living in the wholesome fear of God, giving ourselves to him alone.
(2 Corinthians 7:1 TLB)

Are you tied to anything that is distracting you and marring your relationship with Christ? Do you need to heed the Lord’s command to “untie it and bring it to Me”?

If you decide to embark on this Lenten journey, I pray the Lord will bless you as you untie all the knots.

By Lynn Mosher
Used by Permission

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