Today I Have a Choice

You have shown me the path to life, and you make me glad by being near to me. Sitting at your right side, I will always be joyful.” Psalm 16:11(CEV)

Today, I have some important choices to make. God has graciously given me the next 24 hours and He has promised to be near and show me my path. What will my day be like?

Asking three questions to jump-start a new day can help us focus.

1. What will I DO today with God beside me?

Whether in the workplace, a seniors home, parenting, or in relationships what can we do that will be God-honoring. A word of encouragement, hugging a child, a right ethical decision, or a listening ear can all be pleasing to God.

2. What will I SAY today with God beside me?

In the next 24 hours the words that come out of our mouths can be an effective example as a servant of Jesus Christ. Words can destroy or build up, say a lie or tell the truth, and can heal or hurt. God is there to help.

3. What will I THINK about today with God beside me?

Our brains are a mighty search engine. Asking God to help us fill our minds with good and pure thoughts will help us make positive choices today for now and in the future.

Our Father in Heaven, thank you for the next 24 hours. We are asking for guidance in what we do, say, and think. Thank you for walking beside us and showing us the path of life. We are so grateful for the fact that You love to be near us. That makes us joyful. Help us as we continue to walk all the 24 hours that You give us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Thought: As you go throughout your day think of ways to be Jesus to others. What encouraging words can you say? When negative thoughts enter your mind, fill them with thoughts of God. With God beside you, look for ways to be His servant.

By Linda McCutcheon
Used by Permission

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