Covenant Keeping God


Put your trust and hope in the Lord.
Don’t be discouraged, when things do not seem to go your way.
Do not be afraid, but be of good courage.
What’s there to fear, if The Lord is always beside you?
Trust in the Lord in everything that you do.
Be patient, and wait upon Him.

The world may think that you’re foolish,
but remember, they said the same thing to God’s prophets.
Remember you’re serving the Almighty God.

Please God in everything that you do.
Ask for His grace and mercy every day.
Repent from your sinful ways.
Do not have evil thoughts of others,
and the Lord shall strengthen you daily.

Do not give up easily, but press on all the time.
remember, everything that happens, happens for a reason.
You might not see it now, but you’ll one day.
When you find yourself in difficulties,
and it seems you can’t search and reach God’s hand,
know that, you can always trust His heart.
God is always thinking of you.

Jesus will never forsake us.
He knows when we’re down or upset or lonely or hurt.
He feels it too.
No matter how much we’ve sinned and hurt His heart,
He’s ever ready to forgive us,
to accept us with opened arms.

Our God is a covenant keeping God.
This day, decide to make a covenant with Him,
and begin to live the life that pleases Him.
Don’t fall into temptation, but stay firm in His teachings.
Be a person, who focus on the promises of God.

Do not allow emotions pull you down,
or the circumstances overtake you.
Instead, think positively with a strong mind,
and praise God with a joyful heart.
Be thankful.

Let the love of God fills your heart;
let it overflows to others.
The Lord’s command is to love one another.

Do not have doubts in your heart,
as regards your faith in Christ.
Allow the Spirit of God take control over your life,
and you’ll see the glory of the Lord.

By Joshua Lim
Used by Permission

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