How Well Do You Know Jesus?

devotional on knocking at door

Then you will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Lord, open the door for us!’ But he will reply, ‘I do not know you’Luke 13:25

When an unfamiliar neighbor from down the street shows up at your door, suitcase in hand, ready to move in with you, do you open the door widely for him? I wouldn’t.

Jesus talks in Luke 13 about the narrow door by which heaven will be found. Some will be rejected because He does not know them. What does it mean to “know Jesus”? Do you really know Him? Do you laugh and cry with Him? Do you depend on Him? Are you so in love with Him that it spills out to the people around you?

Will Jesus say He knew me when I stand before Him in heaven? If you aren’t sure, click here to start a personal relationship with Him.

We come to know Him more deeply through conversation with the Almighty One, through trusting in Him and through learning about him through the bible. What an honor it is to be in a relationship with Him where we can seek His face each every moment of every day. How lost I would be without Him as my anchor.

Thank you Jesus desiring to know me more. Thank you for never growing tired of our relationship. Thank you for revealing yourself to me through your Word and for choosing me to be Your child. Amen.

By Corice Peters

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