When We Dare to Let God be For Us

Ever found yourself up against a Red Sea—hemmed in, with nowhere to turn?

Ever faced a wall too high and too strong, with no way over or through?

Have your circumstances caused you to long for previous, even loathsome days—like the Israelites who said it would have been better to be back in Egypt, serving the Egyptians?

It would have been better to still be ‘back there’ than swallowed up with THESE circumstances.”

It’s at times like these when the Lord says:

“Stand still . . .See. . . ” (Exodus 14:13)
Watch what I will do.
You have nothing to do but be silent.

 Oswald Chambers once said:

Dare I really let God be to me all that He says He will be?” (“My Utmost for His Highest,”)

When the Israelites had nowhere to turn and God said He would act, they dared to let Him be for them all He said He would be.

They stopped, stood still—marched silently around an impossible wall—and watched God work.
Because He said He would.

The sea split open.
The walls fell down.
They crossed through their frightening circumstances.
They marched around their greatest fear.
Because God said He would work.
They had nothing to do but be silent.

Someone has defined “rest” as to “cease striving.”

When the children of Israel let their faith rest, they watched God work.

God stepped in, because He was capable of doing what they couldn’t.
They rested in who their God is. They watched silently.

They passed through (Hebrews 11:29); they took the city (Joshua 6)—only after God had worked.

They did what God said, because He said He would do it.

Ever found yourself against a Red Sea, a wall like Jericho’s, a circumstance, a need, a dream, an ache that only God could conquer?

He is able.

Dare to let God be for you all He has said He will be.
Faith that rests will watch God work.
Every time.

Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. . .
Rest in the Lord.” (Psalm 37:5,7)

By Bethany Hayes
Used by Permission

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