Join Our Prayer Team:

Once a week, receive an email with the Prayer Requests sent from our Prayer Co-ordinator.  She compiles the requests sent in during the week.

We are Looking for Dedicated Men and Women to Join our Prayer Team

This entails receiving a list of prayer requests once per week by email.

During the week we receive prayer requests from many of our web site visitors.

We also have people who dedicate their lives to the Lord for the first time after reading a story or article. These people need our prayers as they start their new journey of faith.

Prayer requests that we receive on the web site are forwarded to our Prayer Coordinator. She compiles them for a week and then forwards them to our prayer team members every Wednesday.

What we hope our pray-ers will do is to include these names and requests in their daily devotions or in a prayer group.

You are not committed to doing this forever, you can remove your name from our list at any time. We understand that circumstances in life change continually and as such some of our committments need to be adjusted.

Thank you and may God bless if you decide to become a part of this vital ministry.

~  June and Amanda,
Prayer Team Coordinators
Thoughts about God Website

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