Mentor Application Form

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this application form and look forward to interacting further with you.

Before Filling out the Application form, Please read the information in the following links:
Mentor Guidelines and Qualifications
Statement of Faith

Link for Reference Form from a Christian Leader (you will need to send this form as part of your application):
Character Reference Form from a Christian Leader

Because there are many internet users who want to lead people astray, we need a solid character reference before we can accept mentors.  We are sure you understand the necessity of this.

Mentor Application Form

Mentor Application Form



Please answer the following questions regarding your commitment as a mentor
We would not send you more than two questions a week, but they need be answered within 48 hours.


In order to help others, your own spiritual growth and journey is very important. Please fill our these next questions with great care:


The following questions will assist us in matching you up with a mentoree.
PLEASE SELECT the situations below where you feel you could help others:*

Thank you for this application.  We will be in contact with you via email.  May God bless you for following his heart’s desire to help others grow in their love and knowledge of him.

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