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Biblical Counseling Insights by Dr. Henry Brandt

Dealing with Behaviour Problems

Family Life Canada

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Topical Links

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Articles and stories of people facing death.


Up from Depression – a story of depression and being a Christian

Depression and a Story of Hope

*What does the Bible say about suicide?

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Cross Roads ‘|Never Alone’ campaign:


Spiritual Family Financial Goals, by John Grant


~ Stories about Facing illness and tragedy

Marriage and Divorce / Separation

Life After Divorce

More Divorce articles

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Marriage Articles by Family Life


Family Life Articles on Parenting

Sexual Addictions

* What does the Bible say about sex addiction?

* Addiction to internet Pornography

* What does the Bible say about pornography?

* Is cyber sex a sin?

* Addiction to Pornography

* What does the Bible say about pornography?


* Is Masturbation sin?

Sexual Abuse

Abuse Survivor ‘s Story – there IS HOPE

2nd Abuse Survivor’s Story – how she survived abuse as a child

Spiritual Questions


*What is the Spirit-Filled Life?

What is a Spirit Filled Life?

*How to live a Spirit-Filled Life?

The Spirit-Filled Life

*Knowing Jesus

*How to find a Church

* What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues?

* Where was Jesus the 3 days between death and resurrection?

* What does the Bible say about women in ministry, Women Pastors?

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