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December 2017 Monthly Statistics Report

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, while having lunch with my sister, she asked if I had made a New Year Resolution.  I said, “No, I hadn’t made any New Year resolutions, but I had chosen a WORD for this year.  The WORD is Trust.

We didn’t make any New Year Resolutions, because our (Marvin’s and mine) goal in life continues to be“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”  Mark 16:15.  Since 1972, when we committed our lives, time, talent, treasure and influence to serve our Lord we have tried to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel– our goal has not changed.

God has been blessing the Thoughts About Godwebsite ministry.  We are blessed to have a committed team of men and women— director, webmaster, editor, mentors, authors, prayer partners, and donors.

As you read the statistics and read the comments for December, you will smile because God is doing wondrous things – people’s lives are being changed—He just wants us to be available.

But we always are needing more:

Think about it, would God be calling you to get involved with us in one of these areas?

We would love to hear from you.

May God pour His abundant blessing on you and yours in 2018.


The Thoughts About God website Ministry Team.
Marvin and Katherine Kehler,
Daniel and Amanda Lee
Pat Kehler and June Krause

STATISTICS For  December 2017

Visits to the Website
666,665  This is the number of people that visited our website. (includes devotionals & main website content)

1,633,032 is the number of web pages that were visited and this includes individual Devotionals.

Emailed Subscribers for the Daily Devotionals
117,185 is the number of people who subscribe to the Daily Devotions by Email

Received Christ
1,062 is the number of people that indicated that they prayed the salvation prayer

Redication or Holy Spirit Prayer
365 is the number of people that either rededicated their life to Christ or prayed the Holy Spirit prayer.

2,573  is the number of people who received follow-up.

Facebook Page ‘Likes’
2,297,321 is the total number of cumulative ‘Page likes’ on our Devotional Facebook Page. (plus another 2,207 followers on other Social Media)

‘Facebook Shares’
7,091 is the number of Devotionals that were shared (forwarded) from our Facebook page.

Prayer Partners
is the number of people who have signed up as prayer partners

Top 10 Countries: USA, Great Britain, Philippines, India, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Norway, Pakistan



When I confessed, I felt power go through me and I got relieved.  The teachings above are really of good help to my Christian life. I need a mentor. UGANDA

I have just found the true Saviour of my life…and I would love to know the way of worshipping him and do so through out my whole life… please guide me. INDIA

I want Jesus Christ to be the Lord of my life and the ruler of my heart and soul now and forever. I want to know Him more and more in my life. NIGERIA

I feel the spirit of Jesus. after I prayed this. I also I felt forgiven for my sins. PHILIPPINES

Thanks very much, I have received Jesus as my lord and personal Saviour. I really appreciate! God bless you, it has been helpful to me. ZAMBIA

I love this story it’s really life changing and I would totally like to know Jesus more thank u so much 4 the story. KENYA

I want God to take absolute control over my life, I need divine favor and grace to prosper. GHANA

When I was praying the above prayer I love it and I knew God has entered my heart and I find myself bless. UGANDA

I felt forgiven for my sins and there was a feeling of acceptance and reconciliation within myself. A kind of desire was created that I find difficult to articulate. Thank you Jesus and your ministry over the internet. INDIA

Thank you very much for the wonderful prayer. I longed to experience God’s presence in my daily life. I am conscious of my many sins. Help me pray that Jesus will be my only Saviour. MALAYSIA

please tell me more about Jesus……..I’m hindu but very much inclined towards Jesus. I consider him my brother…….. I’ll be very grateful if u can connect my sinful soul to the purifying God. may u also be blessed for such a divine deed. I ask blessings for u n our world in d name of Jesus. INDIA

I want to know God. that I may live for him, for the rest of my life. NIGERIA

I am thirteen and I really want to get saved and I also try I love God but I want to love him more. KENYA

It was really helpful. I pray that this time I can have someone mentor me in my spiritual growth to avoid downfalls in my spiritual life.. To help me read my Bible and understand. Thanks. KENYA

I am prepared to surrender my life fully to God. GHANA

I felt blessed by this article. I mean many at times in my life I doubted and rejects the free gift of salvation Christ has offered because of my unbelief, but glory to God I believe now, and I am a child of God now. NIGERIA

Really helped me know how to open my Heart to receive Christ as my Lord and Savior. VANUTU

I want Jesus in my life. I love Him. I want Him to take control of my whole life . My soul, body and innermost man. SOUTH AFRICA

I accept Jesus as my personal Saviour today but I need a good Bible to be using. NIGERIA

When I prayed this prayer, I feel free, felt like I dropped a load off from me, I felt to live for Christ. INDIA

Thank you for the wonderful prayer it touched my heart when I was praying I opened the mobile to search for Jesus call. I read this wonderful prayer I felt that someone is consoled me . God heard my cry. INDIA

Praise the Lord, I am Bhikshu, am very happy to be guided through your prayers. Thank you for praying for me. Actually, I have been planning to get salvation for the last five years but till now I could not do it. But this time I have taken a strong decision to take salvation. so I request you to pray for me that I must get baptism as early as possible. And also I want to learn The Bible knowledge. so please provide me the facility to learn more about our God Jesus Christ. INDIA

I have said the above prayer and I love the Lord so much, with all my heart. I am so eager to hear Him speak to me…all of my days. Thank you very much. I believe that this website will help me grow in my spiritual life. I can’t wait to see what God has in-stored for me. I am so excited and looking forward to a new life. SWAZILAND

I believe that after reciting this prayer my life is not going to be the same again, O GOD HAVE YOUR WAY IN MY LIFE AMEN. More prayer pls. NIGERIA

Thank You for showing me the way to God. NIGERIA

This prayer touch my heart and realized that I am a sinner. Thank you Lord. PHILIPPINES

I really want to give my life to GOD by prayer. I was a member of a secret cult and I need change in my life please help me and pray for me. NIGERIA

My religion is lslam. I Change my religion to Christianity, help me plz. INDIA

I will like to receive Jesus as my lord and personal Saviour. I want him to forgive me my sins and bring me eternal life, and also bring me peace during this Christmas. NIGERIA


Thank you it help me a lot in my spiritual strength and know more about Word of GOD…more power & GOD BLESS YOU. SAUDI ARABIA

I was an ex Buddhist and converted to Christian. I want to know God more, and make my family change into followers of Christ. MYANMAR

I can already feel God working in my life after asking him to take control of my life a few days ago. I would appreciate info and even a mentor to help me build my faith. Regards. SOUTH AFRICA

I have liked the model you have presented for one to build a gradual relationship with God on daily basis. I am going to adopt it. Thanks. TANZANIA

I take this opportunity to thank this organization for turning live around may almighty God bless you people. KENYA

I’m just getting to know God. But for the very few days that I have been engaged, I have started to believe God is great! ZAMBIA

I so happy to visit this website, and I want to know more and more God’s will for my life and live for Christ…. thank you so much. INDIA

I was deeply move when I read this article, as if it is directing on me. I CAN’T tell enough how it helped me. Thanks. NIGERIA

Thank for this topic. I can use this for my adult Sunday school in our church here in Davao del Sur. PHILIPPINES

Can you please pray that the Lord will use us mightily in our effort to train the leadership in discipleship so that souls might be saved and we need transport to reach the different places and districts. may God bless you all richly. SOUTH AFRICA

I am former Muslim from Sudan, I converted to Christianity 3 years ago. Pray for me for deliverance & financial breakthrough & to follow the Lord to the end, prayers to be holy & faithful to the lord, thanks clement Alfred. GHANA

Finding this site was a blessing and I want to learn more about the love of God. NIGERIA

The prayer pierced my heart and I shared it on Facebook. Thank you and I copied and pasted it for my daily prayer. PHILIPPINES

Since I prayed the prayer, I see things in another way. My life is changed, everything in my life is new. SWAZILAND

i thank God so much for helping me to see the trouble I have been facing in my marriage life and through this brief reading and prayer am able to see the way forward for a happy and lasting marriage. CAMEROON

I woke up this morning 2 something am and was just telling God I need a touch from Him. I need to hear from Him. Then I came across this reading and it let me know that God does hear He does even love me in all my frailties. My shortcomings He showed up for me this morning when I felt like giving up again. Thank you for this piece. God bless you and Merry Christmas. USA


Waaaaaooooohhh! God was speaking to me through what I read here. I feel a great relief and so comfortable. I was struggling with resentments to my wife who after travelling for a day or two did not check on me (call, text or any other form). TANZANIA


The article is so much inspiring and has brought help and healing in my life and am much humbled to pray for myself my wife and open communication lines so that our crippling marriage may blossom again in Jesus name. KENYA

You said it Pastor! Many blame God for their condition due to their flaws and complacency that brought poverty and miseries in their lives. Some prodigals not only blame God but their parents too. Thank you for this realistic devotional of the free gift of God many treat with disdain. INDIA

I love this because it gets right to the heart of the gospel truth, without watering it down or dramatizing it. simple truths always speak volumes to me, more than anything else, it’s in the quiet nurturing Godly ways, like when you take a walk and just enjoy what the LORD as made for us to just look at and enjoy and” be still, and know that he is GOD”. I am grateful for this FB page in our busy, busy world, it is a breath of fresh air in our polluted world especially on social media. all the negativity becomes to much, so this is great. Thanks. Keep up the good work that you have been called to do. “He that began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” USA

before all thank U MUCH MORE. THIS message is a very vital thing for me, which are important for both spiritual or flash and road can get to above house. ETHIOPIA

Hullo all to Thoughts about God. Am James aged 41 now 1 year and 4 months in Christ. Am not commenting on anything but highly recommending the work you’re doing I have been following you for a year plus, I love to tell you that am completely changed. My prayer is Our good God to provide you wisdom to explore all information and put in place for people to know. UGANDA

The daily devotions really bless me each and every day I read them. Continue with the good work. God bless you! ZAMBIA

May the Lord bless and keep guiding you in His service. Thank you all for the beautiful, encouraging, teachable devotionals, you make a difference in the life of your readers and members, may our dear Lord continue guiding and protecting you in all you do for your brothers and sisters in bringing them closer to Him. LEBANON

Teaching Christians to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Inspiring Christians to believe that God is Almighty. Introducing people to Jesus Christ.

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December 2017 Monthly Statistics Report