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August 2017 Monthly Statistics Report

September 1, 2017


Thank you for helping equip Christians to grow in their faith so they can teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2 teaches us,

For you must teach others those things you and many others have heard me speak about. Teach these great truths to trustworthy men who will, in turn, pass them on to others.”

We are especially grateful for others who are teaching others how to have a godly marriage.

A pastor from Uganda wrote:

l am a pastor and a senior lecturer in my country university. l made use of some of your write – ups to review a book on marriage and spoke extensively on it. It really gave me an insight to a great knowledge which is also helping my marriage to a better height. l appreciate each and every one of you out there that the good Lord is using to repair broken homes. l love you all.”

There are so many marriages that are faltering and without hope.  God uses the marriage articles to bring hope and light to thousands every month.

Let us join our hearts to pray for the faltering marriages in our sphere of influence. You may want to send them the article that has helped thousands of marriages: Two Keys to a Happy Marriage.

God bless you as together we help change the world, one family at a time.

Marvin, Katherine Kehler
Pat, Daniel, June and Amanda


Visits to the Website
486,387 This is the number of people that visited our website. (includes devotionals & main website content)

1,287,435 is the number of web pages that were visited and this includes individual Devotionals.

Emailed Subscribers for the Daily Devotionals
17,108 is the number of people who subscribe to the Daily Devotions by Email

Received Christ
1,152 is the number of people that indicated that they prayed the salvation prayer

Holy Spirit Prayer
457 is the number of people that either rededicated their life to Christ or prayed the Holy Spirit prayer.

2,513 is the number of the emails that we responded to and/or mentored plus many more via the Message system on our Facebook Page.

Facebook Page ‘Likes’
2,303,619 is the total number of cumulative ‘Page likes’ on our Devotional Facebook Page.

 ‘Facebook Shares’
6,454 is the number of Devotionals that were shared (forwarded) from our Facebook page.

Other Social Media Followers – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
2,092 is the number of Devotional Followers we have, combined, on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Top 10 Countries: USA, Philippines, India, Great Britain, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Kenya, Ghana, Norway



Wow, many are the times i have felt weak and my heart is always full of many questions. But i must say i like the devotions always emailed to me. I would like to get a mentor if possible and in order. God bless you! UGANDA

Your morning devotional really bless me and helps me start my day. I always share them on Face Book. The world needs to know about God and His love for mankind. USA

Thank you so much for two thoughts for today. I really needed them. Woke up early at 6:23 am with thoughts wrestling in my mind not even understanding why or what they were all about. My heart and spirit day NO” to them and I was led to your devotions. What a refreshing and blessing. I thank God for loving and caring so much for reminding me to stop and be still and know that He is God in every situation. Be blessed and have a beautiful day. USA

I look forward to these devotionals each day. I am an assistant pastor. As I read them daily, I think of people I can share these thoughts with. I also do a service for an assisted living home. These devotional thoughts are perfect for them (sometimes the materials don’t apply to those who are 100 or nearing that milestone). Thank you for providing me with sermon materials and thoughts at the beginning of each day to guide my thoughts and actions for the day. USA

Thank you for your devotions. They are really helping me climb my mountain. USA

Thank you for the special messages they give lots of courage and strength to my day work. UGANDA

A close friend directed me to your devotional site. I truly love it. My morning routine. Thanks. USA

You really are God’s instrument to us. It is a good feeling to be reminded that I am His child. It liberates me from life’s uncertainties. And also, I’m now learning to be a good listener as well as speaking slowly. Indeed, God is gracious. God bless you more.

This email arrived today as I was having an anxiety attack about certain issues with my son. God moves in mysterious ways and I thank Him for giving me this message today, and thank you for all your hard work in sending these emails every day.

Dear All, thank you so much for the daily devotionals, I don’t know how i would cope without the encouragement they offer. Please keep up the wonderful work and thank you for being obedient to His calling. May our Lord continue to bless and keep you all.  ZIMBABWE

THOUGHTS & Comments on the Articles

Your ministry has been of great blessing to me and my family it has made me desire to know God more in my life. KENYA

I’m so grateful to find this site. So eager to dig deeper into the word of the Lord. AMEN in JESUS name VANUATU

THANKS FOR THE GREAT WORK OF SPREADING THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS CHRIST And guidelines on how marriages should be handled with the lead of Jesus Christ. UGANDA

I really love these inspiring words. This serves as my food for my spiritual health. It enlightens my burden and awakes my senses. PHILIPPINES

l am a pastor and a senior lecturer in my country university. l made use of some of your write- ups to review a book on marriage and spoke extensively on it. It really gave me an insight to a great knowledge which is also helping my marriage. l appreciate each and every one of you out there that the good Lord is using to repair broken homes. l love you all. UGANDA

I am really glad to get help like this. I would be much grateful if I Know much about God. GHANA

Thank you for sharing this prayer for my husband and our marriage. May you continue inspiring and encouraging more lives. God bless you! PHILIPPINES


This write up was just in time. It was inspirational and has changed my mind from understanding marriage the way I understood it before. Thank you so very much for this material. LIBERIA

That’s a good teaching and a well illustration on the issue of being envy to other people, this challenged and revived me. Am going to determine the process of being content and free of jealous. ZIMBABWE

This is a powerful page that drives me closer to God than ever before. I have been praying but l never realized that hatred and unforgiveness yield the same results in my relationship with God. Now l know of the responsibility to forgive and to love and also to pray to God through Jesus Christ and with a clean heart. I thought l was in control but l have realized that it is God who should be in control that is why l have been experiencing problems with my marriage, at my work place, financially etc. I need to redo my ways and seek Jesus Christ. God bless you. ZIMBABWE

I appreciate your teachings and your guidelines they empower me with the knowledge of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ the lord. Yes, I do need some more in order to conquer the world. Please feed me more. SOUTH AFRICA

This message on having a relationship with Jesus is so very easy to understand and effective. Thank You. JAMAICA

I have been a backslide for several years. thanks to you I’m on my way back!!! USA

I thank the Lord for this column so I can get help to broaden and deepen my faith in knowing and believing in prayers to Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. FIJI

Thank you so much for these wonderful messages! I feel encouraged whenever I read through them! God richly bless u. RWANDA

Thank you so much for the insightful teaching. It really helped me realize the importance and the true meaning of loving our neighbors as ourselves. May God bless you and his light continue to shine bright upon you and your family. ZIMBABWE

Great information that people need to understand about the working of angels who are servants and genuine. Thank you, God bless. KENYA

This was so awesome this morning. Just what I needed to read and study. It still amazes me how the Lord will direct me to scripture in a certain moment regarding what I am struggling with or going through. Thank you for this devotion. CANADA

I appreciate God for wonderful truths you are sharing. I have been helped personally and as minister too. May God continue blessing you and the ministry. MALAWI

I will like you to send more information or teaches about angels. I’m a muslim before, since I received Christ, I have absolute peace. SIERRE LEONE



This is awesome information. Reading it has given my heart so much relief and peace. I gonna apply it to my marriage. God bless you. KENYA

What are beautiful things to receive as my Saviour and Lord of my life. Thank you very much for the powerful message. UNITED KINGDOM

Am so happy to come across this cos I have been down spiritually for some time but with this prayer I believe that am revived again Amen. NIGERIA

My lord Jesus…I know I’m not worthy but I beg you come into my heart… come into my mind…. come into my body…. come into my soul…you are all I need and want to know…in Jesus name I pray and praise…. Amen. USA

Dear Jesus, come into my life n make me what u want me to be…. I love u n want to serve u for the rest of my life. LIBERIA

I want to welcome the lord in my life as my personal saver. ZAMBIA

I want to know God, serve Him, love Him and do His will at all times!  NIGERIA

I want to thank you for your timely impact in my life through Christ Jesus. My heart is filled with joy. I have long sought to know Jesus and I hope this is a step forward. Pray for me that Him(Jesus) who is in me now will continue to be in me. I want to grow in Him and know and to keep His commandment. Thank you once again!! NIGERIA

Thank you so much for the wonderful word of God, I have been deceived by my heart and I have been sitting in the throne of my Lord Jesus, now I will no longer sit in that position, there Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. I need more guidance on how to leave a holy life. BOTSWANA

Yes, I prayed this prayer. I want to know him better, i want Him to come into my life. I want to be with Him forever. PHILIPPINES

Praise God I was lost, and have found my way back to Christ, i am from a Muslim background…I need a devoted Christian as a teacher…thanks. NIGERIA

After reading the Bible verse and praying, I feel light and alive. I want to know more about Lord. INDIA

I really need Jesus in my life and finally I found Him through prayer. In him, God be glorified. PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Immediately I finished praying, I felt relieved and my heart became lighter, right now as I write, Thank you Lord. CAMEROON

I thank God for using you and all the team behind this message. I would like to have relationship with God, tired of being the driver in my life. Feeling like I need to fill a hole that never get filled. I know and believe that Christ Jesus is the Lord and He will lead and guard me on this journey called life until I meet him. SOUTH AFRICA

Thank u Jesus I know I’m getting refined from the moment i said this prayer……….I’m free in Jesus name. NIGERIA

Thank you, I am so blessed coming to know Christ personally. INDIA

Please help me I need to know More about Christ Jesus And God. I want to grow in my spiritual life. I was born a Muslim and converted to Christianity. NIGERIA

Today I give my life to serve God through his son Jesus Christ. Help me God in this journey of faith and fill me with your holy spirit. Thank you for forgiving me my sins. Thank you for giving me your son Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross and shade his blood for me. KENYA

Teaching Christians to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Inspiring Christians to believe that God is Almighty. Introducing people to Jesus Christ.

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