Come Worship the King

One way to worship Christ at Christmas

They saw the child and his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him” (Matthew 2:11)

Do you worship God with your words and actions? Do you worship Him with your heart?

Because we have nine grandchildren, we try to make our family Christmas gathering a time of focusing on Christ. One way we have found very effective is to act out the Christmas story.

We have as many actors as there are family members (and others who have come for the Christmas dinner). Because we have as many as 17 people, we have a lot of sheep. We put the names of the biblical characters and animals in a hat and everyone picks one. Then everyone has 10 minutes to find his or her costume and props from anywhere in the house. We gather in one room and the narrator begins to slowly read the Christmas story, usually from the Living Bible so the children can understand.

The costumes are usually very creative, from the camels wearing real saddles, the kings wearing up-side-down silver or gold trophies on their heads and even our Dalmatian dog being recruited to be one of the sheep. One year a new grandchild was the baby Jesus.

We have fun and laugh a lot. But when it comes to the part where the wise men come and see the Child and His mother and bow down and worship Him, we become quiet.

One year, a non-Christian guest, playing the part of a king, also knelt down and worshiped. As I watched him, I silently prayed that soon and very soon, he would worship Jesus with his whole heart.

He has not yet given his heart to Jesus. But we keep praying for him. The Bible tells us that when we pray according to God’s will, He will answer. Soon this man WILL worship the Lord with his whole heart.

Who are you praying for?

Father, there are thousands of people who have heard the Christmas story and have not yet begun to worship You. Father, we pray that this year, You would open the eyes and hearts of those we have been praying for. We pray that they would become true worshippers of Jesus Christ. Amen

by Katherine Kehler

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