Lonely Holiday

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”  Luke 5:16

All too often, holidays don’t meet expectations.  Especially Christmas.
For some, it’s filled with family times, parties, church activities, and gift exchanges.
But you may be spending this year at home alone.  Don’t fret!
(especially due to COVID)

With a little planning and a lot of prayer, this can be a wonderful holiday!

First, enjoy the quiet time with God. Allow God to speak to you through His Word.
Then, pray for Him to open doors to minister to others who may be lonely.
How about a Christmas Tea for your neighbors?

One woman stopped decorating the house after her husband’s death.
But last year she brought out the tree and lights.  It brightened her house and her spirits.
Rather than focusing on the emptiness, focus this Christmas on the fullness of life in Christ.

by Vonette Bright
Used by Permission

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