Time of Many Tears

by Vonette Bright

Go and tell Hezekiah, ‘This is what the LORD, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will add fifteen years to your life. Isaiah 38:5 (NIV)

Floating LeavesJudy’s brother died unexpectedly of cancer.

Feeling sad and lonely Judy spent a lot of time crying, worried about her own mortality.

One night during a time of many tears, she awoke from a sound sleep.

She sat up in bed and said, “Isaiah 38:5.�

She laughed and spoke aloud to herself, “Did I just say Isaiah 38:5?�

She lay back down, intending to fall back to sleep.

Then the thought came, “Was this from God?�

Judy didn’t even know how many chapters were in the book of Isaiah!

So she found a Bible and read, “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears.�

Oh, what comfort!

Judy said, “I don’t have to cry. God has already seen my tears.�

Yes, friend, God knows all about your trials.
He will comfort you if you’ll go to Him in prayer.

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