Give Me Everything

by Vonette Bright

My husband Bill often told the story of a multimillionaire.
He was a gifted and godly businessman, and amassed a half billion-dollar fortune.
But in a period of bad economic times, he lost hundreds of millions in only four months.

He said, “The Lord gave me everything I have.  It all belongs to Him.
And if He wants to take it away, that’s His business.
His trust was completely in the Lord… not in his fortune.
God honored his faith and obedience.
And ultimately restored all that he had lost and much more.

He died a number of years ago, but his financial legacy is still being used for the glory of God.
What a wonderful lesson of trust in the living God.  Trust God today.
He will supply all your needs.  [That’s something riches can never do!]

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