I love God’s sense of humor.  The number of times it is a beautiful day outside and out I go for a walk, but within 10 minutes of leaving home it is pouring with rain and I don’t have an umbrella.  Other times I am sitting under a tree and a gumnut drops right on my head.  It could have dropped anywhere around me, but no, it lands square on my head.  Whenever these sorts of things happen to me I always smile to myself and imagine God is laughing along with me.

To laugh is so good for us.  It changes our mood and allows us to see the world through new eyes.  We also need to laugh at ourselves as we tend to take ourselves too seriously at times.  We should allow the laughter to bubble up from our depths and so infect others with this incredible ‘medicine’.  I always thank God that we have been given this gift of laughter.

I also think the Creator must have laughed a lot when I came into being as I have done, and will do, so many silly things throughout my life.   Now I am not advocating that we go around making fun of every situation and laughing at inappropriate times. There are so many times when we are overwhelmed with what each day offers or perhaps the sadness in the world weighs heavily on our shoulders and we find ourselves bereft of even a smile.  It is at those times that we need the strength, the compassion and the incredible unconditional love that only the Lord can give us to help us through, but there are also times if we can smile or laugh the situation will be so much clearer to see.

I have always loved this verse from Genesis after Sarah had born a son, Isaac.

Genesis 21:5-6  (NIV)
Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him.
Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of laughter.  Show us times when we can make someone else smile and so make them feel special, just as you make us feel special.  Help us to laugh at ourselves and that in so doing we may infect others with this release of stress and pain.  Thank you, also, for your infinite patience with us.  Amen

By Terry Stead

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