by Terry Stead

Isn’t our memory an amazing thing?  I am at an age now where I am finding it very hard to remember people’s names, or words to poems, in fact I forget most things.  But one of the things I do remember is a line a poem by Dorothy Frances Gurney “You’re closer to God’s heart in the garden than any place else on earth.”  It is a poem that my mother used to recite to me over and over as she showed me the beauty and intricacies of a beautiful rose or delphinium or other flower, which she loved.

Although we don’t have to be in a garden to feel close to God, it is a marvellous place to praise our Creator.  We can marvel at the beautiful colours of the flowers, of the leaves of each plant, and yes, even the weeds that grow so abundantly.  We can thank God that we are surrounded by so many beautiful things upon which to gaze and also thank him for the perfumes that waft to us through the air.  All these things should make our hearts sing in praise.

Sometimes, though, I think that we are all so busy focusing our eyes on where we are going or what we are doing that we sometimes miss all this beauty.  Take some time out over the next few weeks to really see what is around you and give thanks and praise to our wonderful Creator.  You may wish to use a simple one sentence prayer like this.


We marvel at your creation, Lord, and ask that you accept our praise and our thanks.

John 1:3
Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him.”

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