Jesus, the Champion

A wonder of a Counselor, a divine Hero, a Father for all time, a peaceful Prince! Great is His authority, Endless is His peace. Isaiah 9:6-7 (Moffatt Translation)

Jesus is the Champion of all champions…no one comes close! All His titles are eternal…He has always held them, and no one in heaven or on earth has ever taken them away…no one ever will. His throne, His greatness, His glory, His dominion, His authority, and His kingdom are settled forever. Leave all with Him, place all before Him, trust all to Him.

A wonder of a Counselor: place yourself at His feet, hear His words, follow His wisdom, go with His plan, yield to His strategy. Do not set any limits upon what He can say to you.

A divine Hero: What a King! Warrior. Victor. Conqueror. Captain. Lord. Master. Without flaw or weakness. Clothed with glory. Crowned with majesty. Do not set any limits upon what He can do for you.

A Father for all time: He is the best. Kindest. Truest. He is full of compassion. Grace. Mercy. Loving kindness. Draw close to Him. Learn of Him. Walk with Him. He is always the same. Forever faithful. Do not set any limits upon what He can be to you.

A peaceful Prince: He is Peace. Perfect peace. He is the peace giver and He is the One who keeps you in perfect peace. He can use you as His peace maker in a restless and troubled world. Do not set any limits upon what He can do through you.

By Roy Lessin
Used by Permission

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