Heart’s Desires

devotional onlineI had a vision, or was it a dream?
It came to my heart like a bright, golden beam.
Was it a calling, a part of His will?
Was it a promise only He could fulfill?
My heart can’t deny it, the vision was clear
Can this be the hour? Is its time drawing near?

You have found your delight in the Lord, and He has placed within you the desires that are from Him, for Him, and can only be fulfilled by Him. Never step away from trust in His timetable, even if it means waiting a lifetime. He who placed His desires in you has the power to fulfill them, the knowledge to know how, and the wisdom to know when the time is best.

It is best to be still,
As He works out His will.
When you hear Him say, “Go
There’s no need to be slow—
No need to delay—
When God is saying,
It’s time to obey!”

He will fulfill the desires of those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him…” Psalm 145:19 (AMP)

By Roy Lessin

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