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by John Fischer

Yesterday morning, immediately after reading through the day’s Catch about being on a mission instead of just muddling through life, I was about to write in an email reply to a friend who asked how I was doing: “Well, I’m hanging in there.” The words were already in my head and I started to type them out, but I suddenly remembered, and typed instead: “I’m on a mission.”

That I could forget so fast my own message shows how breaking paradigms takes constant focus. At the same time, it really drove the message home to me, because I immediately applied the truth to my situation, and let me tell you, it’s much more fun being on a mission than just hanging in there. It lifted my spirits.

Come to think of it, I don’t think “just hanging in there” should even be in our vocabulary. No matter how desperate the situation, we are still on a mission. We are still being lead by Christ. We are still a part of His Kingdom on earth and His plan for that Kingdom.

So I guess you could complain that this is just a repeat of yesterday’s Catch and you would be right. But what I’m saying is: “I got it this time. I applied my own message to my life and benefited by it.”

It also impressed upon me how quickly we can forget, and how necessary it is to remind ourselves of new paradigms — new ways of looking at things. Being on a mission or just hanging in there is all up to me. It’s how I choose to look at my reality, and when you’ve spent a lifetime looking at life one way, to change it takes a conscious choice, all the time.

So do I look at my reality the way God looks at it, or do I choose to trash it and just survive. This isn’t just wishful thinking or hocus-pocus; it is an act of faith. You tell yourself “I’m on a mission” by faith, and it will always be true regardless of how you feel.

I’ve got a mission today. It’s as big as the Kingdom of God on earth. Find out my part today and do it. “Hanging in there” not allowed!

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JOHN FISCHER, as Senior Writer with PurposeDrivenLife.com, has specialized in a daily devotional that now reaches an audience of over 400,000 people five times a week. John’s career spans over thirty-five years of distinctive ministry, first as a singer/songwriter, recording artist and pioneer of\ Jesus Music, then as a best-selling author, and currently as a popular speaker at conferences, retreats, churches and colleges/universities nationally.

You can contact John at: john.fischer@mac.com or visit his website: http://www.fischtank.com/ft/about.cfm

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By Alec Niemi

This week I sat with a couple who were struggling with many issues in their lives and marriage. It would have been so easy to judge them and tell them all the things they were doing wrong. But the thing they needed to hear the most was about God’s love and that He had already administered true justice through his son Jesus. After sharing with them the simple truth of salvation they both prayed together asking Jesus into their lives. Later that same day I took them a Bible. The husband greeted me at the door with a big smile and informed me that they remembered the song, “Yes Jesus loves me,” from their early childhood days and were now singing it to their children.

My prayer for you this week:

I pray that God grants you the ability to administer true justice; showing mercy and compassion to others, not oppressing the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor and in your heart not thinking evil of others. Amen.” Zechariah 7:9,10

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Alec Niemi, an entrepreneur, lifestyle evangelist and pastor is passionate about helping people find Christ.  He lives in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

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