by Margaret Mullings

Bench to contemplateI miss you so much
I miss the hours we
spend with each other.

I miss when your gentle
touch, and your voice of
comfort beckons me, to
meet you at the secret

Lately though so much has
many deadly assaults and
missiles are being hurled at me.
Yet still I ‘m here,
for You sustained me.

I can feel Your gentle touch,
and Your comforting Voice
of cheer.
Saying to me “Arise and come
into My presence

But many times I miss those
vital appointments
and am feeling lost without You.

Oh how I miss You, and I realize
that You are calling me into Your
presence, to lay prostrate
before You.
Which signifies my total surrender.

I miss You, and now I yield to Your
Will, Thy Kingdom come,
Be done Will of God in my life!

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