“Have You Ever Been Alone With God?”

Acts 17:28 In Him we Live and Have our Being- devotional

…in Him we live and move and have our being…”  Acts 17:28

Author C.S. Lewis asks that question as he relates how often it is only when “affliction, heartbreak, temptation, disappointment” force us into that relationship with God where He becomes the sole companion of the heart.

Having read much of Lewis, I suspect he would agree that our loving Father longs for us to have frequent times of intimacy so that when those distressful realities bombard, we are so accustomed to being “one-on-one” with Him that it takes only the slightest bend of attention to be in—and aware of—His presence.

Many of us have experienced near-automatic responses to danger. Snatching a child’s hand away from a hot stove. Grasping an elderly friend’s arm as she slips on ice. We have probably attended no courses on what to do. We act instinctively.

Being alone with God takes practice and discipline, two words that do not readily attract. In a world that not only invites, but tantalizingly tempts, us into all forms of “social networking,” being alone with God hints at some kind of ritualistic monasticism. We rightly encourage fellowship and community in our churches, but too seldom do we also value the individual’s quiet moments with God which will produce ever richer fellowship and deeply caring community.

As we daily practice being alone with Jesus, allowing the words of God to “dwell in us richly,” listening for the whispers of the Holy Spirit, we will not only increasingly hunger for His presence, but experience the joy of regularly being alone with God. And then be equipped to fully be with people.

By Marilyn Ehle

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