Not Guilty

Who can accuse the people God has chosen?  No one because God is the One who makes  them right.” Romans 8:33

Every moment of your life your accuser is filing charges against you.  He has noticed every error
and marked each slip … Try to forget your past; he’ll remind you.  Try to undo your mistakes; he
will thwart you.

This expert witness has no higher goal than to take you to court and press charges … Who
is he?  The devil …

He rails: “This one you call your child, God. He is not worthy. …”

As he speaks, you hang your head.  You have no defense.  His charges are fair. “I plead guilty
your Honor,” you mumble.

The sentence?” Satan asks.

The wages of sin is death” explains the Judge, “but in this case the death has already  occurred.
For this one died with Christ.”

Satan is suddenly silent. And you are suddenly jubilant … You have stood before the judge and
heard Him declare. ‘Not guilty’.

By Max Lucado
Used by Permission

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From: The Grip of Grace

Photo Credit: Moyen Brenn
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