God, Our Defender

He is my defender, I will not be defeated  Psalm 62:6

Here is a big question. What is God doing when you are in a bind?  When the lifeboat
springs a leak?  When the rip cord snaps?  When the last penny is gone before the
last bill is paid?….

I know what we are doing.  Nibbling on nails like corn on the cob.  Pacing the  floor.
Taking Pills ….

But what does God do?

He fights for us.  He steps into the ring and points us to our corner and takes over.
Remain calm, the Lord will fight for you” (Exodus 14:14)

His job is to fight.  Our job is to trust
Just trust: Not direct. Or question…. Our job is to pray and wait.

By Max Lucado
Used by Permission
From: When God Whispers Your Name

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