Unexpected Detours

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

While we were driving from Florida to Texas on I-10, our planned schedule came to a screeching halt in Louisiana. After waiting for an hour, we crawled en masse to the next exit where law enforcement diverted all westbound traffic off the highway. We saw why. An 18-wheeler lay on its side, blocking all lanes.

In that swampy area, the only parallel road had two lanes. We kept crawling for another hour, sandwiched between other vehicles, until the next exit was accessible. At first it was maddening to get so behind schedule. Then we started noticing trees, flowers, birds, interesting houses, and yard art, things we wouldn’t know existed had we kept driving 70 mph on the highway.

In the same way, our lives take unexpected detours when we experience job loss, a forced move, serious illness, or death of family or friends. We have choices: we can grumble, curse, or scream about the unfairness of changing our plans, or we can trust God, pray for wisdom, and accept the new route open to us.

For all we know, God might have placed that detour in our path, either to prevent a worse tragedy from occurring, or to experience unforeseen blessings along the way.

Lord, help me put my trust in you when my plans fail and grief and disappointment result. Let me accept the unexpected detour graciously, with faith that you will guide me safely through my journey. Amen.

By Katy Huth Jones
Used by Permission

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