What Matters Most for the New Year

Moving into a new year isn’t as simple as merely turning the page on a calendar.

Sometimes, instead of an organized list of plans and goals the new year looks like a list of question marks.

The things of life don’t always fall neatly into place with everything sorted and resolved according to our best laid plans. When we turn a calendar page and a brand new year stares back, it reminds us how little we know about what tomorrow holds and how little control we have over events that unfold.

I have never found it realistic to believe we exert any legitimate control in this world and yet I hear people repeatedly declare how they love to be, and must be in control. When I look around, what I see is a world constantly spinning out of control.

As I enter this new year I will acknowledge that it isn’t about how much I know and how well I have planned for what lies ahead. Approaching this new year is about who I know and that is Jesus Christ. This relationship with Jesus sets the course for another new year and is the firm foundation on which my life stands.

Navigating this journey of life as a new year begins is also a process of holding tight to faith – a faith that endures the calendars of days to come.

Since the dawn of mankind in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve – to the dawn of a new year, God has been pursuing a relationship with us-built on faith and obedience in our walk with Him.

This relationship will grow and deepen when we consistently choose to seek the Lord and faithfully follow Him all the days and all the years of our lives.

As one year ends and the dawn of a new year begins, this is what matters most.

Jeremiah 29:13 And you will seek Me and find Me, When you search for Me with all your heart.”

By Kathy Cheek
Used by Permission

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