Your Eyes Reflect Your Feelings!

“The eye is the lamp of the body. . “ Matthew 6:23

We were taking a break at our local coffee shop and a former co-worker came to talk to us. We knew her well! She had always been so cheerful, with sparkly blue eyes. But now, when we looked up at her, we couldn’t but help notice that her eyes weren’t sparkling, they looked dead. She seemed so dejected. We asked her how she was doing and she told us that she was on a sick leave – seems she was burned out. Her present job was asking her to do things she was not good at. She felt like a failure. Her eyes reflected what she felt inside.

Have you ever taken the time to look, really look, in peoples’ eyes?

Sad eyes

Joyful eyes

Angry eyes

Lustful eyes

Friendly eyes

Fearful eyes

Mistrusting eye

Kind eyes

Gentle eyes

Tired eyes

You can learn a lot about a person by looking into people’s eyes.

What did you see in your eyes this morning? What did you see in the eyes of your husband or your children? Your co-workers?

Ask God to use you to make their eyes sparkle with joy again. An encouraging word, a friendly touch, or a smile would help. Take time to look into people’s eyes. Then pray for them.

Take time to look in Jesus’ eyes. They are friendly and kind.

Father, our eyes are the light of our bodies. Let them reflect You. Amen.

By Katherine Kehler
Used by Permission

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