Measurable Goals

“Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we shouldPsalm 90:12

Having measurable goals is good because life is short. Striving to reach your goals is good.

Jesus knew why He was on earth and everything He did and said moved Him toward that goal (to seek and save the lost). He always had time for people, but time with His Father was of utmost importance to Him. He needed to get direction from His Father.

We can set big goals (lifetime) or little ones (clean the deep freeze). We can set spiritual goals, self-improvement goals, career, educational, fun, weight-loss, housekeeping, decorating or cleaning goals.

I confess that I am a results-oriented person. I set measurable goals for myself and I work hard (with the Holy Spirit’s direction and power) to reach those goals.

Not long ago, I was going through some papers and found ministry goals I had set for myself eight years ago. I was amazed to see how God had honored the goals and the faith of the team working with me – far beyond my biggest dreams. God honors and is pleased with faith.

My husband has often said,

If you don’t have a target or goal, any road will get you there.

Conversely, if you set measurable goals, trusting God to provide your needs, you can count on God’s faithfulness to reach them. One of my deep desires is when I stand before God, He will say,

Well done, my faithful servant.

In my life and ministry, I have worked with and observed many people. Sometimes I am saddened to see that many never use or develop the talents God has given them.

Are you adequately investing the talents God has given you?

Do you pray and ask God to help you set measurable goals for the tasks He has called you to?

Do you set priorities?

If not, let me encourage you to begin the habit of doing so.

Father God, most of us will live seventy-five years or more. You have planned every day of our lives – yet given us a free will to follow You and Your wonderful plan for our lives or go our own way. Father, help us to number our days – realizing that life goes by so quickly. And help us do what counts. Enable us to recognize when we are diddling our days away with frivolous things. Cause us to do what counts for eternity. Amen.

by Katherine Kehler
Used by Permission

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