Dare to Come to Me

“Let them come to me for refuge; let them make peace with me…”  Isaiah 27:5

Training pets takes patience. At first, my guinea pig was afraid of this giant outside of his cage but slowly he has come to trust me.

Several times a week I lay an old beach towel down on the sofa and let him wander around on it as I sat at one end. He slowly started to come to me on his own, cuddling next to my hip and giving off soft guinea pig chortles. But only for a few seconds. Then he’d skitter away.

Last night an amazing thing happened. He stopped, crawled into my lap, up my torso, and licked my face. That is guinea pig for “I love you and want to be near you.

My heart melted.

How similar our Lord must feel when we finally come to him of our own accord. Yet, many cower, afraid to near his throne, even though through Christ we have that privilege. God seems so big, so mighty, and his ways are not ours. But slowly, as we realize he provides out of love for us, we begin to trust and draw near to his presence for comfort and safety.

Unlike my domesticated guinea pig, we humans can forge out a living on our own. We don’t need God…or so we think. What a day of rejoicing in Heaven it must be when one of us finally decides to trust our Master enough to crawl up from our situation, reach out to him, then whisper, “I love you and want to be near you.” Let us not then skitter away.

Dear Lord, you came to earth so that we might be bold enough to come into your presence. Forgive me when I assume that I can do simply fine on my own without your provision. Thank you for your amazing love. You always rejoice when I draw near. Teach me to daily come to you for strength, comfort, and safety. Amen.

Remember that God delights in your spending time with him and depending on his strength to obey him throughout the day. Seek to enjoy to the full the personal relationship he paid so much to offer you as a gift.

By Julie Cosgrove
Used by Permission

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