Are You Drifting?


“For this reason we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.”  Hebrews 2:1

Recently, I heard a presentation from a former field artillery officer. He said that when on the training or battlefield, the first order at the dawn of a new day was to re-set the cross hairs on the site, as they have a tendency to “drift” overnight and that without a re-set, it could cause them to miss their target and maybe even fire into friendly territory.

Later that evening as our plane taxied out and turned onto the active runway, I saw a placard that said: “Re-Check compass to runway heading 135.2.” Again, it served as a reminder that without constant monitoring, mechanical devices can drift off course.

The same is true with our spiritual life as well. Unless we are attendant and constantly adjusting our spiritual sites, then we too can drift off course and the results can be disastrous. What do we have to do to drift off course? The answer is: “nothing.” We get there by not paying close attention, the same thing the readers of the letter to the Hebrews were doing.

Protecting our relationship with God is possible, but it requires purposeful attention to our spiritual life. It requires more than daily quiet time, church attendance and the like. Here are some suggestions to protect against spiritual drift:

•    Surround yourself with godly friends and be open to accountability.
•    Be careful when reaching out to godless people lest they convert you.
•    Purposefully befriend strong believers.
•    Set clear goals for yourself, spiritual and otherwise and stick to them.
•    Ask God for direction in your life and be open to listen to Him.
•    Don’t let grief or hard times cool or sour your relationship with God.
•    Search for encouraging scriptures, record them and frequently read them.
•    Remind yourself that God can bring good out of every heartache.
•    Avoid tempting situations, lest you cave to the arm of flesh.

Remember to re-set your spiritual sites daily. It is a habit we all have to work at to build, but if we consider it a daily priority at the dawn of each new day, we will stay on the right spiritual course and not drift away.

By John Grant
Used by Permission

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