Some Things Never Change

by John Grant

“I am the Lord. I do not change.” Malachi 3:6

Christian DevotionalWe live in a world of moral relativism, situational ethics and designer personal morality. Or put another way, the difference between right and wrong is not absolute, but depends on the circumstances. And, increasingly more people believe that each person has a right to decide and design his or her personal morality and standards of right and wrong.

Many people today, and not just the younger generation, seem to have abandoned absolute truth, option for their freedom to choose what works best for them and then call that morally right or wrong. They say that like shoes, one size does not fit all.

A former leading contender for the office of President of the United States was speaking at a major Ivey League university. Also, he had been recently exposed as having a sexual affair with one of his female staff members, while his wife of many years was home battling cancer that has a possible terminal diagnosis.

At the end of his speech, when the floor opened for questions, a student asked about whether those in the public spotlight were held to a higher standard. The former Senator then gave an indirect answer and went on to say that “It’s something for every American to decide for themselves.”

Let’s see if I understand. Adultery is not wrong unless the adulterer decides that it is? Sadly, this is a commentary of the direction the world is moving.

Atheists, humanists, political liberals such as Marxists claim that there are no absolutes; that “the only constant is change”, that everything, including ethics (sometimes termed “situational ethics“), is determined by circumstances.

By direct contrast, the Bible makes it clear that issues change, events change, circumstances change, but God is absolute, and His laws of liberty (which include the Ten Commandments upon which western civilization has been built) never change.

It is noteworthy that the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, gives many accounts of the rise and fall of nations throughout history from the creation, inevitably in cycles that can be measured by their adherence to or rejection of the Word and Laws of God. All nations that forget God shall be turned into hell (Psalm 9:17).

That is what is happening to America today. But, the Laws set forth in the scriptures are as relevant today as they were in times past. Some things never change and God’s standards of Biblical morality and of right and wrong are at the top of the list.
(a thought on life from John Grant )

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John Grant is a former Florida State Senator and is a practicing attorney


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